181 Abhiyam-Helpline for Women Orientation- Women’s Day Celebration

Date: 9th March 2024, Saturday                                                  Time: 10.30 AM to 11:30 AM

Resource Person: Ms. Shabnam & Ms. Purvi, 181 Abhiyam team

Venue: Room no: 202, AIMIS


1. To celebrate Women’s Day with the unique concept of getting aware about women’s safety through 181 Abhiyam Helpline for women.

2.  To understand the various functions of 181 and to get avail of their facility at the time of emergency.

AIMIS believes in empowering students by arranging various expert talks in varied domains wherein they can get practical inputs in their subjects. Apart from this, the celebration of different auspicious events are scheduled in a way that results in the worth outcomes. Likewise, the Womens’ Day celebration was arranged on 9th March 2024, Saturday by inviting the team of 181 Abhiyam- Helpline for Women.

Ms. Shabnam and Ms. Purvi of 181 team were invited by AIMIS family to orient the students regarding the role of 181 Abhiyam- Helpline for women. Dr. Ankita Brahmbhatt welcomed the guests with the gesture of gratitude. The girl students of MBA & MCA welcomed the team of 181 with the eco-friendly gesture that is plant.

Dr. Ankita introduced the speakers and the talk began thereafter.  Ms. Shabnam initiated her talk by asking if the students are aware about 181 Abhiyam and its roles & responsibilities. It was observed that only countable students were known to this service provided by Gujarat Government. It was indeed very essential for the students to understand the emergency that can come up in life and the ways to come of it with the help of the services started for women in form of Helpline 181. Ms. Shabnam elaborated the live cases handled by 181 in the cases of domestic violence towards women, harassment cases, threat, girls trafficking and so on.

She explained the way to login to 181 Helpline App after installing181 Abhiyam Helpline App from Play store.  She asked the students if they are through with the process of getting their unique id in this helpline by showing it on their phone.

Besides this, she asked the students for their queries regarding the use of helpline and to get avail of the facility of 181 in any cases of emergency and how to help the victims too. Ms. Shabnam asked the student to make the dummy call to the 181 Abhiyam Helpline and understand the process being followed centrally to transfer the calls to the local and regional office for the help. She also informed that all the calls though recorded are kept very confidential to enable the women to call and talk with ease regarding the issues and problems faced by them.

Ms. Purvi too added up with the practical cases that the team of 181 has faced being a women. She furtehr added with the significance of knowing details about the services of 181 Abhiyam and how useful it has proved for the victims and the worth initiative taken by the Government of Gujarat for the safety of women.  

Learning Outcomes:

1. Services of 181 Abhiyam Helpline for Women

2. Use of 181 Helpline App and the process of using it.

3. Understand the emergency & be safe and help others in times of difficulties.